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Aspen Property Care Plant Guarantee for Racine, Kenosha, and Milwaukee Counties

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Aspen Property Care will replace, one time, any hardy plant that dies within one year from the date of installation, provided that you give the plant normal care and they are not subject to abuse or neglect.

Replacement items will be of the same variety, size and quality as originally purchased unless otherwise agreed upon by both the client and contractor.

  • Non-hardy or semi hardy plants, includes but is not limited to: rhododendrons, azaleas, some roses, perennial varieties and specialty plants identified as not guaranteed at time of purchase.
  • Replacement plants.
  • Discounted plants.
  • Plants installed in pots or planters.
  • Plants moved or transplanted from on site locations.
  • Plants damaged by animals, insects, natural disasters or other obvious causes, such as snow plows, or string trimmers.
  • Partially dead plants: It is not unusual for newly planted plants to experience some die back or slow growth as they get re-established. Pruning and or fertilizer would be appropriate in these cases. Plants that are mostly dead or severely disfigured are covered by our guarantee.

his guarantee is contingent on all invoices being paid in agreement with the terms of the original contract unless otherwise documented and noted by both client and customer.

Past due accounts void all warranties.